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Come affiliate with us for a better and conducive reading environment

CBR occasional papers

  • No-Party Democracy: Uganda’s Election to the Constituent Assembly, 1994 by Olive Furley and James Katalikawe
  • The Evolving Nature of the State, Donors and NGOs Providing Health Services in a Liberal Environment: Some Insights from Uganda by Nicholas de Torrente and Frederick Mwesigye; 66p. 1999
  • The Banking Crisis in Uganda- 1999 by Lawyer Kafureka
  • Freedom Association : The Great Debate on the Referendum on the Political system in Uganda; by James Katalikawe
  • Reflections on Tax as Site of Socio-Political Struggles in the Ugandan 1996 VAT Strike; by Richard Ssewakiryanga


  • Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) in East Africa: Report of a Survey on Training Needs prepared for MS/Danish Association for International Co-operation; February 1994.
  • The Demobilization of Military Personnel in Uganda: An Assessment. Consultancy report to Deutsche Gesellschaft Fuer Technische Zusammernarbeit (gtz), September 1996
  • An Evaluation of Trade Unions and Social Conditions of Industrial Workers in Uganda, by Charles Asowa-Okwe; August 1999
  • Uganda’s Renewable Natural Resources (RNR): A Background Paper. Report Prepared for the British Overseas Development Administration (ODA)- Uganda Review Mission; August 1999.
  • Report of a Survey on Integrity in Uganda’s Judicial System, by John-Jean B. Barya and Simon Peter Rutabajuuka. 2004.

other publications

  • Gender and Labour in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Annotated Bibliography. Prepared by Josephine Ahikire, July 1997
  • The state and Agriculture in Africa, by Thandika Mkandawire, Nairobi, London: CODESRIA, 1987.
  • Zimbabwe: The political economy of transition, by Ibbo Mandaza. Nairobi, London: CODESRIA,1983
  • US Foreign policy and revolution, by Amrit Wilson. London: Pluto Press, 1989
  • Report of the Commission of enquiry into the Local Government System, Kampala: Republic of Uganda, 1987
  • Citizen and Subject. Mahmood Mamdani. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1996
  • In search of freedom and prosperity: constitutional reform in East Africa.Edited by Kivutha Kibwana; Chris Maina Peter; Joseph Oloka-Onyango. Nairobi: Clari Press, 1996
  • Law and the struggle for democracy in East Africa. Edited by Joseph Oloka-Onyango; Kivutha Kibwana; Chris Maina Peter; 1996
  • New directions in development economics. Edited by Mat Lundahl & Benno J. Ndulu. London: Routledge; 1996. xxvi,446 p.

CBR-ENRECA Occasional Paper Series

  • Post-Colonial Studies in Africa, edited by Akim Okuni and Richard Ssewakiryanga, 2003.
  • The Rights of the Governed, by Partha Chatterjee, 2003.
  • Post-Colonial Studies in Africa, edited by Akim Okuni and Richard Ssewakiryanga, 2003.
  • Post-Colonial Studies in Africa, edited by Akim Okuni and Richard Ssewakiryanga, 2004
  • The State and Policy-making, edited by Richard Ssewakiryanga, 79p. 2004
  • Gender, Identity and Popular Culture in Contemporary Africa Discourse, edited by Murindwa Rutanga, 88p. 2004
  • Rediscovering Africa in the Contemporary Globalisation Epoch, edited by Murindwa Rutanda, 27 p. 2006
  • Empire After Globilisation, by Partha Chatterjee, 30 p. 2006


  • Development and Local Management of Water for Pastoral Production in Central Division, Turkana District, Kenya, by Phillip O. Wandera, August 1999
  • Facing Modern Land Loss Challenges: The Loita Maasai Pastoralists and the Recent Controversy Over the Naimina Enkiyio Indigenous Forest in Narok District, by Mark K. Ole Karbolo, August 1999
  • The Impact of Insecurity on Resource use and the Environment in Northern Kenya: A Case of Marsabit District by Bonaya A. Godana and Patrick W. Gargute, August 1999
  • Property in the Strict Sense of the Term: The Theory and Practical Rhetoric of Land Tenure in East Africa, by John G. Galaty, August 1999
  • The Problem of land-use Conflicts between Pastoralism and the Forms of Land-use in Central Division of Marsabit District, Kenya by Joseph Diidi Halake, August 1999
  • The Fate of a Pastoralist in a State of Resources (Land Tenure) Insecurity: A Case Study of Nyabushozi County by Agrippinah Namara and Erasmus Kimbowa F., August 1999
  • The Rhetoric of Rights: Construing Masaai Land Claims by John G. Galaty, August 1999
  • Pre-Mature Land Subdivision, Encroachment of Rights and Manipulation in Masaailand – The Keekonyokie Clan Section, by J. Ole Simel, August 1999
  • Pastoralism in the Afar Region of Ethiopia, by Fecadu Gadamu, Getachew Kassa, Sora Ado, and Berhanu Bibiso, August 1999
  • Ranching, Common Property Relations and the Alienation of Pastoral Lands in Uganda: A Study of the Buruli Ranching Scheme, by Frank Emmanuel Muhereza, September 1999
  • Knowledge, Practice, Institutions and Natural Resource Management: A Study of Rupa Sub-County in Moroto District of Karamoja by David Pulkol, November 1999
  • Conservation, Privatisation of Land and Non-Sedentary Communities in Tanzania, by D. K. Ndagala, 27 p. 2002
  • Litigating Land Rights in Tanzania, by Bel Lobulu Ben, 2002
  • The Marginalisation of Pastoralism and and the threat to Sustainable Resource Management in South Masailand, by D. K. Ndagala and R. Ole Kuney, 2002
  • The ecological spatial Factors in Resource Management and use in the Area Between Kilimanjaro and Meru Mountains: The Sikirari Locality, by J. K. Lendiy, 2002
  • Pastoral Land Tenure, Adjudication and Land-use Planning in Northern Tanzania, by Albert Mkama Jimwaga, August 2002
  • Regional Workshop and Fourth Executive Committee Meeting of the Arid Lands and Resource Management (ALARM) Network, March 1997 by Frank Emmanuel Muhereza and John Ssenkumba, March 1997


  • Pastoralism, Crisis and Transformation in Karamoja; Report of a Workshop Organised by CBR and held at the Faculty of Science Makerere University, August 14 - 15, 1992, by Joe Oloka-Onyango, Zie Gariyo and Frank Muhereza
  • Women and Work: Historical Trends; Report of a Workshop Organised by CBR, and held at the Faculty of Science, Makerere University, September 7-10, 1992, by Expedit Ddungu, James Opyene and Sallie Kayunga

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