CBR/UNNGOF/GIZ Civil Society Book Project

“The Value of Civil Society in Uganda’s National Development: Interrogating New Narratives and Emerging Perspectives”

The Centre for Basic Research (CBR), Kampala working in collaboration with the Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF)[1] is undertaking research to write a book on the value of civil society in Uganda’s national development. The aim of the research process is to bring together civil society scholars, activists, and practitioners to present analysis, interrogate new narratives and emerging civil society perspectives and experiences in Uganda. 

The execution of the Civil Society Book Project will entail different kinds of engagements. These include among others: (a) Peer Review Seminars – these are engagements between chapter authors, and between chapter authors and the Project Steering Committee at the proposal development stage, and during the fieldwork-data collection stage;(b) Write-shop Retreats – these are to be held after fieldwork, bringing together chapter authors and Steering Committee members during the writing of draft chapters, and; (c) Civil Society Public Dialogues – these are public meetings that will be open to all interested, and each will be presided over by leading scholars on the different thematic areas of the planned Book project, who will be invited to present keynote addresses, to which chapter authors and participants were drawn from the academia, NGO practitioners, and the general public will respond by way of comments, discussions, and questions.

The book is expected to provide a platform for scholars in the academy, public intellectuals, and civil society practitioners who will be selected to author chapters in the Book to engage key debates on civil society from a diversity of dimensions anchored in carefully selected thematic areas. The authors of book chapters will be required to do extensive fieldwork, involving the collection of both secondary and primary data. They will be required to anchor their arguments and analyses in cutting-edge theoretical debates and conceptual frameworks relating to civil society at global, regional, and national levels that will set the context to foster a nuanced understanding of the civil society in Uganda. The findings of the planned research studies for the civil society book project will be published in an interdisciplinary book on civil society. This book presents a significant promise to serve as a resource for academics, practitioners, and policy-makers interested in national development issues and especially how the latter interfaces with civil society.

This is a one-year project that started in March 2020 and ends in August 2021.

This project is supported by the Civil Society in Uganda Support Programme (CUSP) of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and funded by the European Union (EU) and the Germany Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.