New Vision 12 April 2021

Govt official charged with abuse of office

Four officials attached to Jinja Municipal Council have been charged before the Anti-Corruption Court in Kampala over allegedly defrauding the Government sh120m in loan deductions. The accused are former Jinja district town clerk Jofram Waidhuuba, principal treasurer Ronald Elijah Kafifi, principal human resource officer Samuel Maali, and senior assistant accountant Jemima Mirembe…Read more on page 53

New Vision 15th February 2021

IGG calls for anti-corruption committees in govt entities

The Deputy Inspector General of Government (IGG), George Bamugemereire, has called on all ministries, departments, and government agencies to set up anti-corruption committees. The fight against corruption can not be left to the IGG alone,” he said…Read more on page 16

Daily Monitor 9th/February/2021

Kyagulanyi reasons for amending election petition

The Supreme Court is sitting today to hear an application by former presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, seeking leave to amend the election petition he filed last week challenging the victory of the incumbent President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

A panel of nine Justices led by the Chief Justice, Alfonse Owiny Dollo, have convened to hear the application to be presented by Kyagulanyi’s lawyers led by Medard Lubega Ssegona.

Also present in court are the respondents in the case who include; the Attorney General, William Byaruhanga, and his legal team, Museveni’s lawyers Kiryowa Kiwanuka and Ebert Byenkya as well as the Electoral Commission’s legal team.Read more on

New Vision 8th/February/2021

EC blacklists 581 polling officials over voting fraud

At least 581 officers from the 83 polling stations where results for the recent presidential and parliamentary elections were annulled and excluded in the final national tallies have been blacklisted. Paul Bukenya the acting Electoral Commission (EC) spokesperson, told this paper on Saturday that they had deployed six people at each of the 34,344 polling stations across the country…Read more on page 3

Daily Monitor 8th/February/2021

Mak officials probed over suspect case losses

Makerere University’s finance and legal departments are under investigation over alleged corruption. Source told Daily Monitor the State House Anti-Corruption Unit took away the University Bursar, Mr. Everest Bainimugisha, last Thursday for interrogation…Read more on page 3

Daily Monitor 6th/February/2021

Poor turnout: what is keeping voters away?

On Thursday, the Electoral Commission (EC) released the final results that revealed that only 10,744,319 people out of the 17,658,527 registered voters participated in the January 14 presidential and parliamentary elections. This signifies 59.35 percent of the registered voters. In discussing the outcome of the elections and trying to explain the voting patterns, Dr, Julius Kizza, a lecturer of Political Science at Makerere University, says the patterns appear to have been informed by the level of political awareness…Read more on page 6-7 


Daily Monitor 2nd/February/2021

Manafwa MPs-elect tasked on corruption

Residents in Manafwa District have tasked their newly elected  Members of Parliament (MPs) and other local leaders to combine efforts and fight corruption and poor service delivery. The locals allege that due to poor oversight of government programs by their leaders, cases of corruption at the District have been on the rise…Read more on page 10  

New Vision 2nd/February/2021

Investigate election-related rights abusers, say lawyers

A group of human rights lawyers have asked the government to investigate and prosecute cases of human rights violations allegedly committed during the recent concluded elections. At a media briefing convened at the offices of LASPNET, a legal aid service provider’s network, in Kampala, the advocates alleged that the weeks leading up to the elections were characterized by widespread violence and human rights abuses yesterday…Read more on page 10

New Vision 29th/January/2021

Uganda slips in latest global rankings on corruption

Uganda has regressed in the gains recorded against corruption in the previous years. This is according to the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2020 released by Transparency International (TI) in Kampala yesterday. Uganda was ranked number 142 with a 27% score out of 180 countries that were rated globally…Read more on page 4

MPs to probe human rights violations during elections

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has directed the parliamentary committee on human rights to investigate human rights abuses by security agencies during and after the January 14 presidential and parliamentary elections. Presiding over the House yesterday after, along election recess break, Kadaga told Parliament that the country had registered cases of human rights violations during the electoral period…Read more on page 7

Daily Monitor 27th/January/2021

National security shouldn’t strangle democracy 

The notion of democratic accountability espouses the idea that elected leaders are answerable to citizens of a state in the execution of their periodic mandate. All public officers who serve under elected leaders, including intelligence and security officers, are also answerable to people and execute their mandate for the benefit of the citizens of a State…Read more on page 14

Daily Monitor 26th/January/2021

Activists decry continued arrest of poll losers

Citizen’s Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU), a civil society organization, has expressed concern over the continuous trend of government besieging the homes of the Opposition candidates who lose presidential elections. Mr. Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, the National Unity Platform (NUP) party presidential candidate, is the latest victim of a security blockade at his home for protesting the outcome of the January 14 elections…Read more on page 12

Daily Monitor 25th/January/2021

Internet shutdown and hijack of citizen rights

In the wake of slowed internet speed and a switch-off of social media platforms, many Ugandans resorted to Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to continue public debate and political participation ahead of the voting day on January 14. The shutdown undermined Internet access and affordability and weakened the potential of digital technologies to catalyze free expression and civic participation in the electoral process…Read more on page 14  

Daily Monitor 23rd/January/2021

What 2021, past polls should teach electorate

Unless there is a truly independent EC appointed by those who are not contesting elections, future elections may not be any different from the ones we have held since 1996 and could be shunned by voters….Read more on page 6-7

Daily Monitor 21st/January/2021

Low voter turnout, irregularities mar local council elections

Yesterday’s local government elections registered a low turnout countrywide compared to national elections. Ugandans across the country yesterday took to the polls to elect district chairpersons, city mayors, and councilors, having elected a President and Members of Parliament (MPs) on January 14 and Special Intrest Groups (SIGs) MPs on Monday…Read more on page 4-5

Daily Monitor 12 April 2021

Report pins security forces on rights abuses

The Ugandan authorities have continued to restrict the rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, and association, with security forces using excessive and unnecessary lethal force to kill Ugandans, a new report released by the Amnesty International states…Read more on page 

New Vision 17 February 2021

Court rejects Dr. Lagu’s bid to block prosecution

Court has rejected a bid by the executive director of National Animal Generic Resource Centre and Data Bank (NAGRIC&DB) to block his prosecution over corruption-related cases. A fortnight ago, Dr. Charles Lagu asked the Anti-Corruption Court to block his cases, pending determination of his case at the Civil Division of the High Court concerning purported violation of his fundamental human rights…Read more on page 33   

Daily Monitor 16 February 2021

Local leaders faulted over poor service delivery

Residents of Aketo Parish, Ibuje Sub-county in Apac District have faulted local leaders over poor service delivery. Locals say they are grappling with poor roads, difficulties in accessing safe water, healthcare, and markets. The residents were participating in the community voices forum dubbed “dwon lwak”, organized by the Apac Anti-corruption Coalition (TAACC)…Read more on page 12

Daily Monitor 12th/January/2021

US, EU asks govt to unblock NGOs bank accounts

The United States (US) and the European  Union (EU) missions in Uganda have condemned the continued freeze on bank accounts of civil society organizations operating in the country. The Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) blocked bank accounts of the National NGO Forum and the Uganda Women’s Network in December, accusing them of terrorism financing…Read more on page 12

Daily Monitor 11th/January/2021

Archbishop Kaziimba rallies Ugandans to vote

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Dr. Stephen Kaziimba, has rallied Ugandans to go and vote on Thursday to decide their leaders and avoid regrets in future. “Do not say I am tired of voting because voting settles disputes, calms down the powerful people and it s a  Godly-give right that no one should miss,” Dr. Kaziimba told the Anglican faithful during service at his Namirembe residence yesterday…Read more on page 3

Roles of political leaders you are electing to office

Ugandans are going to the polls this month where they hate at least three weeks of determining how they will be governed as per the provisions of Article 1 of the 1995 constitution. Mush as the focus has been put on the boiling pot for presidential and parliamentary elections on January 14th, the Electoral Commission  (EC) has a busy schedule beginning with the election of the Special Intrest Groups (SIGs) polls today…Read more on page 4-5  

Uncertainty as Uganda heads to the polls

“There is not a country in the world that conducts multiparty elections and comes out error-free,” former Electoral Commission (EC) chairperson Badru Kiggundu urged while announcing results of the 2016 presidential polls…Read more on page 10-11

Why Ugandans need to vote by all means

As we draw close to voting day, concerns on voter turnout continue to highlight the need for radical voter education and civic engagement. This among other strategies will help the electorate to rally each other to go and cast their vote…Read more on page 14

New Vision 14th/December/2020

How corruption affects enjoyment of human rights

Two important international days were celebrated last week. December 9 was International Anti-Corruption Day, and December 10 was International Human Rights Day. According to sustainable development goal(SDG) 16, dealing with corruption has proved very costly globally. This is because it involves the use of  public funds and hence  leaving the Governments with fewer resources to deliver services to people…Read more on page 24


Daily Monitor 14th/December/2020

Alebtong residents threaten to vote out corrupt leaders

Residents of Alebtong District have threatened to vote out all corrupt politicians in the 2021 General Election. During a public dialogue organized by Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG) at Alebtong District headquarters on December 9, the residents said a lot of public resources have always been abused or eaten by money-minded public servants who are entrusted with the power to execute development programs on behalf of the people…Read more on page 13

Covid-19 recovery: Place Human rights at the core

The Covid-19 pandemic has underscored how interrelated and progressively more susceptible we are to universal tremors and threats. The impact of Covid-19 has exposed deep-rooted inequality, with the most vulnerable people hit hardest. The pandemic has exposed structural botches in Uganda’s economic, political, and social systems that have been crowned with situations of food insecurity, human rights abuses, riots/protests, and displacements…Read more on page 16

Daily Monitor 13th/December/2020

Govt accuses 2 NGOs of funding terrorism

The Financial Intelligence Authority has revealed that bank accounts of two non-governmental organizations allegedly involved in moving money to finance terrosism activities have been frozen. These are National NGO Forum and Uganda Women’s Network. The claims follow months of espionage on the two organizations by the security forces …Read more on page 3

Ugandans don’t understand national symbols – report 

After months of field visits across four districts of Uganda, a report shows that there is a need to unpack the national symbols and values as a way of informing and awakening what is termed as “the underlying spirit and love of Ugandans for their country”. The report titled  The Nationa Symbols and Values: Implication for Patriotism and NationalDevelopment Project was conducted by Makerere University’s Research and Innovative Fund(RIF), Makerere University funded by the Government of Uganda…Read more on page 4  

New Vision 12th/December/2020

Kaziimba launches campaign to end GBV

The Archbishop of Church of Uganda, Dr. Stephen Kaziimba, has launched a men’s campaign, as part of the church’s strategy to end violence against women and girls in homes and communities. The “Godly Men and Boys for Transformative Masculinly Campaign” is aimed at changing the attitude of men and boys towards women and girls in homes and communities…Read more on page 4

Daily Monitor 11th/December/2020

US committee wants sanctions on top Uganda security officials

The United States has put Ugandan officials on notice that it is closely monitoring actions of some officials in Kampala “who seek to impede the ongoing democratic process”. In a tweet last night, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo notes: “Th United States is a longstanding partner of Uganda. We expect our partners to live up to their obligations to hold free and fair elections…Read more on page 6

New Vision 10th/December/2020

Defiant candidates to blame for violent clashes says rights watchdog

Candidates who defy the set guidelines against the spread of COVID-19 are responsible for the violent clashes with security organs, Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) has said. “Defiance to the guidelines put in place by the Electoral Commission and the standard operating procedures (SOPs)  by the health ministry has resulted in violent clashes. What do you expect if you don’t follow the guidelines?”…Read more on page 6

IGG recovers shs10.8b from corrupt officials

The Inspectorate of Government (IG) has investigated at least 40 high investigated profile cases of organized and syndicated corruption, leading to the recovery of shs10.8b in the last two years. The recovery of public funds is one of the milestones the Inspectorate has registered in the given time. Some 192 corruption cases in government ministries, departments, and agencies and 2,284 other in local governments have been handled as the Inspectorate intensifies strategies to curtail corruption in the country…Read more on page 11

Gender-based violence on the rise among clergy, say church

Wives of the clergy in the Church of Uganda have been urged to speak out against domestic violence in their homes to easily get help. The mother’s Union community development coordinator for Namirembe Diocese, Catherine Kimanje, said many wives of the clergy continue to suffer gender-based violence (GBV) in silence

The fight against corruption: What is the State House Anti-Corruption Unit doing right?

Since the establishment of the State House Anti-Corruption Unit (SHACU) two years ago by HE President, there has been a buzz about. There is a feeling that there is now a genuine fight against corruption going on. Far from eliminating corruption, but certainly firm steps in the right direction being taken. The supervision, evaluation and coordination of the anti-corruption crusade being directed by the President himself through SHACU has borne almost instant results…Read more on page 18

Covid-19 escalates violations of Human Rights

Following the outbreak of Covid-19 in Uganda, the government, through President Yoweri Museveni, introduced measures to contain the spread of the disease. These include, among others, the banning of public transport, night curfews, and a lockdown. Unfortunately, in a bid to enforce these measures, human rights violations became rampant, especially from the security forces…Read more on page 21  

Trial of OPM staff over food relief fraud set

The Anti-Corruption Division of the High Court has set March 15, 2021, as the date when the hearing of the case of inflating prices for COVID-19 reief food meant for the vulnerable, against the office of the Prime Minister (OPM) permanent secretary Christine Guwatudde will start. Four senior officials from the OPM, including Guwatudde on Tuesday, appeared before the deputy head of Anti-Corruption Division of the Hight Court, Margaret Tibulyathe, denied the charges of abuse of office, fraudulent false accounting, corruption, and colluding to commute fraudulent practice…Read more on page 43

New Vision 9th/December/2020

Appoint IGG, Civil Society Organisations tell government

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have called on President Yoweri Museveni to appoint a substantive Inspector  General of Government (IGG). The CSOs have also requested President Museveni to appoint a new chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC), who is responsible for the protection and promotion of human rights in Uganda…Read more on page 12

Women trained to fight gender-based violence

The National Women’s Council has encouraged women leaders in Kamuli district to form caucuses to collectively push for female-sensitive issues during village meetings in order to fight  domestic violence. A total of 600 women were trained and given start-up kits during one of the activities of the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence…Read more on page 14

Daily Monitor 7th/December/2020

Rights activists petition govt, EC on election violence

A section of lawyers and human rights activists have petitioned government to intervene and prevail over what they described as the worsening electoral violence ahead of the 2021 General Elections. They have asked heads of government  institutions to exercise their mandates to take appropriate measures for peace an stability…Read more on page 8 

Budaka registeres 5,000 gender-based violence cases in 9 months

Budaka District inBukedi Sub-region has registered about 5,016 gender-based violence(GBV) cases in less than nine months. The Budaka District Chairperson, Mr, Samuel Mulomi, during the launch of the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence last week, revealed that most of the cases were registered starting in March after the government imposed the coronavirus induced lockdown…Read more on page 30


New Vision 7th/December/2020

Chief Justice calls for dialogue to avoid election violence 

The Chief Justice, Alfonse Owiny-Dollo, has called all stakeholders in the ongoing campaigns to avoid actions of violence that risk the peace and stability of the country. Owiny-Dollo asked stakeholders to engage in dialogue and called on the authorities to take all steps necessary to guarantee freedom of expression…Read more on page 4

Daily Monitor 6th/December/2020

In the name of National Security, or silencing Civil Society

This week, the government ordered freezing of bank accounts of at least 4 civil society organizations involved in good governance and election observation in the country. This comes on the heels of the deportation or baring from coming back to the country of three NGO heads. Intelligence agencies, according to two sources familiar with investigations, accuse NGOs of facilitating the recent demonstrations..Read more on page 14-31

New Vision 4th/December/2020

Lottery and gaming board officials guilty of Sh1b fraud

Three officials of the National Lottery and Gaming Board have pleaded guilty to shs1b fraud charges. Finance managers John Kazoora, banquet managers Edison Nsubuga and Simon Ndoo, on Tuesday, pleaded guilty of charges of causing financial loss, embezzlement, abuse of office, and forgery. They pleaded guilty at the Anti-Corruption Court in Kololo, Kampala, before Chief Magistrate Pamela Lamunu…Read more on page 14

New Vision 3rd/December/2020

Corruption: 185 officers interdicted

On average, the State House Anti-Corruption Unit receives about 270 corruption related reports daily. Lt. Col Edithe Nakalema has said. As her unit celebrates two years on December 10, Nakalema said over 60,000 complaints have been investigated, rallying support from all stakeholders in her fight against graft…Read more on page 9

New Vision 2nd/December/2020

Corrupt officials are fighting back – Nakalema

The State House Anti-corruption Unit (SHACU) head lt. col. Edith Nakalema has disclosed that her team was facing challenges of the corrupt trying to fight back after failing to bribe her investigations. Referring to the corrupt as “devil”, Nakalema said they have tried to discredit her team and their leader through a smear campaign…Read more on page 12

New Vision 1st/December/2020

Activists demand probe into recent countrywide riots

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have demanded a comprehensive probe into the recent riots that left 52 people dead and several others injured. The riots were sparked off by the arrest of presidential candidates Robert Kyagulanyi and Patrick Amuriat Oboi…Read more on page 8

Daily Monitor 1st/December/2020

Its citizens, not donors who should fix dictators

Like it is with most things in developing countries, the voice of the West or former colonizers is taken with seriousness and reverence. This, especially when that voice is chastising the government on respect of human rights and democracy and seemingly shielding or siding with the weak opposition…Read more on page 13 

Daily Monitor 30th/November/2020

Don’t drop guard on domestic violence 

Statistics from Police in Lango Sub-region last month showed a worrying trend in domestic violence cases. In eight months alone, the area had registered 1,180 cases. Last year’s police Crime Report indicated that the North Kyoga region registered 808 cases of domestic violence …Read more on page 14

Guided democracy where a few choose for majority is shaming 

Political aspirants who are subjected to injustice or unfair treatment and silenced by the perceived offender’s justice can seek redress through the Court of Judicature and the remedies resulting from Resolution 1985/33 of the UN Commission on Human Rights Convention against “Cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and punishment”…Read more on page 14


Daily Monitor 27th/November/2020

Has security taken over election process from EC?

From denied access to campaign venues to being thrown out of radio talk shows during the campaign trail in various parts of the country, Opposition presidential candidates, civil society organizations and other democracy activists have questioned whether the security forces have taken over the election process from the Electoral Commission (EC)…Read more on page 4

EC voter education kicks off

The Electoral Commission (EC) has kicked off voter education exercises across the country in a bid to increase citizen’s awareness about rights, participation in campaigns, and polling activities for the 2020/2021 General Elections. The EC on Wednesday dispatched 15 outside broadcast trucks and two busses to six regions across the county to air out the message that will sensitize the masses from their different localities without necessarily gathering in one place…Read more on page 9

30 govt thieves still getting pay after conviction

Some government employees found guilty of corruption or other related charges have continued to regularly draw salaries from the national treasury long after they have been convicted by the Anti-Corruption court, research reveals. The joint research by Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU) and Strengthening Uganda’s Anti-Corruption and Accountability Regime (SUGAR) indicates that more than 30 government officials, who were convicted of corruption, continued to receive full salary throughout their incarceration, something that contravenes the law…Read more on page 10


Daily Monitor 26th/November/2020

Step up Civic Education ahead of 2021 elections

There have been messages circulating on social media platforms offering advice on how to vote in the January 2021 General Elections. majority of these messages, surprisingly, do not originate from the Electoral Commission or other bodies designated to carry out Civic Education ahead of next year’s elections…Read more on page 14

Daily Monitor 25th/November/2020

Why 30% voters stayed away at every election since 1996

Although the number of Ugandans registering to vote in national elections has been rising in the last 20 years, 30 percent or a third of them have persistently not turned up on polling day to cast their vote. The voter turnout has continued to decline from 72.9per cent in 1996 to 67.6 percent in 2016 with the northern and central regions having the highest number of people who do not vote…Read more on page 8

EOC boss Ntambi sent to High Court for trial

The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) chairperson, Ms. Slyvia Muwebwa Ntambi, has been committed to the high court for trial on corruption charges. Ms. Ntambi appeared in the Anti-corruption Court in Kololo before Chief Magistrate Pamela Lamunu Ocaya yesterday…Read more on page 9

New Vision 24th/November/2020

UHRC launches probe into recent riots 

The Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) has launched investigations into the riots that rocked parts of the country last week. The riots erupted when the youth started protesting the arrest of the National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, on his campaign trail in Luuka district…Read more on page 4

Activists ask for separate anti-corruption units at MDAs

Despite extensive legislation and other measures put in place to end corruption, the vice continues to persist in many public offices. Anti-graft Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) say this continues to affect the quality of service delivery in the country. The organizations have called on the Government to tighten the existing legal and institutional framework, to easily help in tracking and prosecuting corrupt individuals in government ministries, departments, and agencies (MDAs)…Read more on page 7

Public technical officers to declare their wealth

The government has widened its net in the fight against corruption by demanding all appointed technical officers in public offices to declare their wealth. According to the new Leadership Code (Amendment) Bill 2020 tabled in Parliament, all public technical officers from the level of entry will be required to declare their wealth to their respective accounting officers, once the bill is passed into law…Read more on page 8

Daily Monitor 23rd/November/2020

Covid increased gender-based violence in families -survey

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased domestic violence in families due to couples spending more time together, a survey conducted by family Impact, an inter-denominational Christian Organization, has revealed. “There have been many domestic violence cases some of which have led to death. By the time of doing the research in the last week of July, there had been a lot of child abuse, incest, and mess in families…Read more on page 8

New Vision 20th/November/2020

Treat all Ugandans equally, religious leaders urge security 

Religious leaders in Uganda have urged members of the security forces to treat all citizens of Uganda fairly and equally, irrespective of their political affiliation. The leaders, under the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU), argued that while they imagine the dilemma faced by security agencies, they called for actions that honor the rights and dignity of all Ugandans…Read more on page 10

Daily Monitor 20th /November/2020

How to fail at civic education for young children

My seven-year-old daughter’s ho,e work requires her to tell her classmate about her country, starting with basics like capita city, president. She asks: “How long has President Museveni been in Power?” I scoff at her, asking her to guess. “Eight years?” she says brightly. I guffaw in elegantly at this polite guess of eight years. What does she think this is? A democracy?… Read more on page 15

New Vision 19th/November/2020

Jinja gives conditions for next MP

Land grabbing, bad roads, and corruption are some of the issues that voters in Jinja city South Division East, want their nest Member of Parliament to address. Residents said they have witnessed a lot of land grabbing. During the launch of Paul Mwiru’s accountability report 2018-2020 held at the Public Library/Innovations Centre in Danina Jinja City…Read more on page 41 

Elections are akin to notion of patriotism

Uganda is preparing for the 2021 general election. Several Ugandans are participating in the national campaigns at all levels of governance. I am optimistic of peaceful, free, and just elections. Exercising our civil right and civic responsibility to participate in free and regular elections is enshrined in Article 21 of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights and is not peculiar to any culture…Read more on page 17

Daily Monitor 18th/November/2020

RDC directs police to probe 12 district officials over Covid funds

Budaka Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Martin Orochi has directed police to investigate 12 officials over allegations of swindling Shs40m meant for fighting Covid-19. The money in question was reportedly returned to the district by Mr. Kazekia Mbogo. the Budaka County MP, and Ms. Pamela Kamugo, the District Woman MP, following President Museveni’s directive to MPs to surrender the shs20m that they had each received to assist in the fight against the pandemic…Read more on page 11

New Vision 18th/November/2020

Activists urge govt to appoint new UHRC boss

The National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders Uganda (NCHRD-U0# has called on the Government to urgently appoint the chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC), as the country prepares to elect new leaders. “We are urging the executive to look into appointing a chairperson as a matter of urgency and priority because human rights issues have now taken center stage,” the NCHRD-U executive director Robert Kirenga, said…Read more on page 7

Daily Monitor 17th/November/2020

0Stop police brutality, candidates urge ECC

Opposition presidential candidates have complained to Electoral Commission (EC) about police brutality and being denied access to the mass media during the campaign trail…Read more on page 4

Residents decry poor roads, bad schools

Impassable roads, poor healthcare, poor education services, and lack of clean water were some of the challenges the voters tasked opposition’s Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate Patrick Amuriat to change as he campaigned in Lango sub-region for four days…Read more on page 7

Are classified budgets a mode of corruption?

Towards the end of October, Parliament approved a considerable sum of money to government in the form of two supplementary budgets. These budgets come hardly halfway the 2020/2021 Financial Year and are part of the various requests made and approved during the 2020 caleder year 

Daily Monitor 15th/November/2020

Countries use internet shutdown to control masses, experts say

It is increasingly becoming the “new normal” in some African countries for governments to periodically shut down the internet or block social media platforms under the guise of “maintaining public safety and state security” in their respective nations. Access Now, an international human rights organization based in the United States that defends and extends the digital rights of users at risk, notes that when governments shut down the internet, they often cite national security, public safety, fake news, hate speech, and others as the main justifications…Read more on page 8


New Vision 13th/November/2020

Human rights approach to corruption 

When reflecting on the nexus between corruption and human rights, especially through the realization that corruption undermines the enjoyment of human rights, it makes we the human rights practitioners to advocate for human rights-based approach to corruption. This is simply because this approach will emphasise more of the centrality of individuals as “rights-holders” and the role of State as “duty-bearers”…Read more on page 14

Daily Monitor 12th/November/2020

DPP orders interdiction pf Ntambi over corruption

The chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission,(EOC), Ms. Sylvia Muwembwa Ntambi, who is facing several corruption charges, still remains in the office despite the directive of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) to be interdicted. The DPP’s office had directed that Ms. Ntambi be interdicted in accordance with the Public Service Standing Orders to pave way for investigations and possible prosecution…Read more on page 9 

New Vision 10th/November/2020

Scrap OTT tax during campaigns – UHRC

The Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) has called for the scrapping of internet taxes during the election campaigns, to enable every citizen access information from the presidential aspirants without cost. The call was made by the right’s body acting chairperson Dr. Katebalirwe Amooti who said the mobile phone and internet usage is too costly for the citizens…Read more on page 10

Let’s fight corruption together – Owiny-Dollo

Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo has urged religious leaders to champion the fight against corruption, saying it is a societal problem that calls for spiritual intervention. Owiny-Dollo made the call while meeting the council of presidents of the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU) at the Supreme Court in Kololo, Kampala yesterday…Read more on page 34

Daily Monitor 10th/November/2020

Bukedea health staff on the spot over extortion

Residents have accused government health workers in Bukedea District of extorting money from patients. Mr. John Opio, a resident, claimed that expectant women are charged between Shs 300,000amd Shs 400,000 for a cesarean operation. ” The biggest challenge patients, especially pregnant mothers in Bukedea are facing while seeking medication is to part with money to access services in some facilities contrary to the standing orders”, Mr. Opio said…Read more on page 11

Daily Monitor 6th/November/2020

EC threatens to kick out candidates over bribery

The Electoral Commission (EC) yesterday issued stringent guidelines for the 2021 General Election campaigns and warned that any candidate who will give any form of a bribe will be disqualified and prosecuted. Justice Simon Byabakama, the EC chairman, said achieving a free and fair election is dependent o all actors and asked the 11 presidential candidates to observe guidelines…Read more on page 4

New Vision 4th/November/2020

Serere officials grilled over sh210m

The State House Anti-Corruption Unit led by Lt. Col. Edith  Nakalema, has launched investigations into the alleged mismanagement of sh210.8m for the Kakus-Aima-Oculura Nothern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF-3) community access road in Serere District. The road is 11.8km. Nakalema said, President Yoweri Museveni directed her to rush to Serere District after he was tipped about shoddy work, unpaid wages, and miss use of money for culverts…Read more on page 36

Daily Monitor 1st/November/2020

Is Ugandan Democracy on trial in lead up to 2021 polls?

Come February 2021 Uganda goes to the polls, but already, the electorate seems to have experienced its fair share of election melodrama, ranging from the debate on the viability of scientific campaigns to the extravagant show of party primaries and electoral violence and gerrymandering. Farce aside, critical issues around political equality and free participation, both of which are fundamental elements in the multiparty dispensation, need to be addressed. …Read more on page 6 

Now NGO Bureau doesn’t want more eyes looking  into elections 

Almost two months ago, and an entity known as the National Election Watch Uganda (NEW-U), an initiative of local Civil Society  Organisations . was formed primarily to observe Uganda’s unfolding electoral process. The NGO Bureau has banned NEW-U, saying ti was operating illegally…Read more on page 33

Daily Monitor 28th/October/2020

Don’t wait for elections to engage youth says NRM boss

The NRM chairperson for Mbarara district, Mr. Prosper Tuheise, has said the youth would be more prosperous if the efforts of politicians use in courting them during the election are applied after the exercise as well. “If you see the speed and energy politicians are now using in engaging and mobilizing the youth, you would think the country would be transformed very fast…Read more on page 10

UN pushes for gender equality and women empowerment 

Uganda has experienced a sustained economic growth of 7 percent per annum and the country’s poverty has reduced significantly over the last 20 years. The government has also made significant progress in developing legal frameworks, policies, and programs to protect women’s human rights and advance gender equality…Read more on page 18 

UN’s effort to promote democracy paying off

Uganda has had a historic legacy of political upheavals and violent conflicts since its independence. However, since ushering multi-party democracy in 2005, the country has enjoyed relative peace stability, which also partly contributed to an end to the conflict in Nothern Uganda…Read more on page 20

Daily Monitor 27th/October/2020

NRM manifesto scores low on fight against corruption 

One of the promises the NRM made in the 2016 manifesto was that it would eliminate corruption. “The NRM is determined to decisively fight corruption. This is a war that we vow to fight to the end.” President Museveni’s manifesto read in part. He promised to continue the pursuit of a “Policy of zero tolerance to corruption” through various institutions and legal frameworks that had been established…Read more on page 8

Police  attack on cultural event calls for reflection

The attack by the police on a cultural function in Mityana has led us to revisit the American Declaration of Independence, which is one of the most sacred documents in the area of human rights. the declaration was drafted by one of the founding father of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. In its preamble, Jefferson’s son wrote ” We are all created equal; no one ought to have any special rights and privileges in social relations with other men…Read more on page 14

Electorate need voter education 

As the 2021 General Elections fast approaches, those who have been nominated to stand for various posts are trying their best to get the electorate and ask them for their vote. Posters in nearly every district can be seen, especially in the urban centers pasted on electric poles, wires or ropes tied across the road…Read more on page 14


New Vision 27th/October/2020

Kampala, Wakiso voters want jam, potholes sorted out

Gaping potholes, poor drainage, flood that damage roads and traffic jam are the major concerns that Ugandans want the Government to address in the roads sector, a survey was done by Vision group has shown. Whereas several Ugandans say tremendous stride have been made in improving that roads sector, especially the construction of highways, many others feel a lot more need to be done…Read more on page 8-9  

New Vision 26th/October/2020

New Vision starts series on citizens manifesto

With [barely three months left to the country’s general election, Uganda citizens have a long list of pressing concerns that they want their leaders to address. From unemployment to agriculture or health, New Vision has compiled the top 20 critical concerns voiced by respondents during a recent New Vison Group public opinion poll…Read more on page 5

Daily Monitor 25th/October/2020

Do we understand motto” For God and My Country”?

According to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, a motto is a short sentence or phrase that expresses the aims and beliefs of a person, a group, an institution, among others, and it is used as a rule of behavior. Our National motto is “For God and My Country”. This means at the individual level, I am for my country, I am for God before I am for Uganda and you are for God before you are for Uganda…Read more on page 7


New Vision 24th/October/2020

Museveni directs quick handover of maize mills to Amolatar women

President Yoweri Museveni has instructed the State House Anti-Corruption Unit (SHACU) to expedite the process of handing over maize mills he donated to the women of Amolatar district ten years ago. In 2010, The president donated five maize mills to the women of Amolatar, bought them land, and also constructed blocks to house the mills as one of the strategies to help them generate revenue and improve the general welfare…Read more on page 10

Daily Monitor 24th/October/2020

Together, we can turn election page for a free and fair process

Historically, Uganda is among the few African countries with a heritage of kingdoms and chieftainship characterized by a centralized leadership system. Under this system, hereditary leaders administered their societies through institutionalized councils, for example, the Lukiiko (Parliament) in Buganda Kingdom, r the Orukurato in Bunyoror, and Tooro Kingdoms (assemblies that had representatives drawn from each clan and their royal appointees…Read more on page 9

Daily Monitor 23rd/October/2020

Law should apply to all, not section of individuals

On many occasion s, we have seen and watched a lot of money disappearing from big offices. In fact, the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed more painful corruption cases. A thing one would compare with a scenario of eating food meant for the sick! How disheartening, how shamefully!… Read more on page 15

New Vision 23rd/October/2020

IGG recovers shs2.8b from local govt,65 public officers dismissed

As a result of stringent measures put in place to curb corruption, the Inspectorate of Government has recovered shs2.8b from corrupt local government officials in the financial year 2019/20. The Deputy Inspector General of Government(IGG), George Bamugemereire, revealed that during the same period, 65 public officials were dismissed from public service over corruption…Read more on page 3

Police battled bodaboda riders in Jinja, Mbarara

On Wednesday, business and traffic in Mbarara town came to a standstill as police fired teargas and bullets to disperse angry bodaboda cyclists, who had blocked roads protesting against traffic wardens, who they accuse of extortion…Read more on page 14

Daily Monitor 22nd/October/2020

Innovations enhance access to justice – experts

Senior experts in Law, ICT, and Private sector have applauded Ugandan innovators that seek to help every Ugandan to access justice. This is further compounded by the absence of a national state-funded legal aid scheme. Among  others, this forms the basis of innovating legal and access to justice

We need leaders who advocate citizen’s interest

Transformational leadership articulated occurs when leaders broaden and elevate the interests of their subjects and when they generate awareness and acceptance of the purposes and mission of the organization, and when their subjects to look beyond their own self-interest for the good of the entity…Read more on page 17  

New Vision 22nd/October/2020

Whose agenda will Ugandans embrace in 2021 general polls?

Ugandans, in retrospection, have in the immediate past appreciated that whoever sets our national standards and agenda higher than the bar, most especially when it comes to the maintenance of our country’s peace, security and stability stands to win the general elections…Read more on page 19

Daily Monitor 21st/October/2020

MP petitions Nakalema to investigate Ntambi illness

Kigulu South MPhas petitioned State House Anti-Corruption Unit to investigate what he calls deliberate absence of the chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission to appear in court over corruption charges. In his October 19th petition, Mr. Andrew Kaluya states that there is a need to investigate whether Ms. Sylvia Muwebwa Ntambi is sick and she was admitted at Medik Hospital in Kawempe as alleged…Read more on page 5

Raiding Party offices reveals democracy deficit

We woke up on Wednesday, October 14 to the news that a combined force of Uganda army and police had raided the offices of the presidential hopeful and the charismatic youthful legislator from Kyadondo East, Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine. The armed forces detained more than 100 supporters of the National Unity Platform (NUP)…Read more on page 17 

How prepared are Ugandans for the 2021 elections?

General Elections in Uganda are slated for January 2021. The conduct of electoral activities will have to comply with the Ministry of Health guidelines designed to prevent and combat the spread of  covid-19. This includes social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands, and sanitizing. The Electoral Commission has already issued guidelines…Read more on page 15    

Daily Monitor 20th/October/2020

Stop on relying on govt funding, parties told

The Alliance for Campaign Finance Monitoring (ACFIM) has advised political parties to stop relying on funding from government but instead, find alternatives sources to finance their election activities. Mr. Fred Musisi, the ACFIM treasurer, said once the suggestion is implemented, it will help political parties overcome the contention and inequality caused by the current form of financing which is based on a party’s representation in Parliament…Read more on page 5

Daily monitor 15th/October/2020

IGG unveils lab to dig out electronic fraud

The inspectorate of government has unveiled a digital forensic laboratory to facilitate recovery of electronic information while investigating syndicate fraud and corruption cases…Read more on page 3

Ugandans should not accuse judiciary of corruption says CJ

Let’s talk about corruption in the Judiciary. The Inspectorate of Government (IGG), n its reports, ranks the Judiciary as one of the most corrupt government institutions…Read more on page 8-9

New vision 15th/October/2020

UNBS managers arrested over Mukamanayamba drink bribe

Security operatives have arrested two Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) managers over allegedly taking bribe from an energy booster drink Mukamanayamba. The suspects allegedly demanded a 3m bribe to okay the quality of the energy drink during the site visit at the factory base in Kabatamo trading center, Sheema district…Read more on page 7


City tycoon Karim Hirji refunds money stolen from govt.

Kampala city tycoon Karim Hirji has refunded money stolen from the Government, following investigations into the Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board fraud involving top officials. Hirji recently refunded shs738m to the consolidated fund…Read more on page 14

SACCOS manager arrested over sh10b teacher’s grant

A senior manager of the teacher’s Savings Co-operative Society (SACCOS) who has been in hiding was arrested on Wednesday over alleged theft of 10.8b. Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) detectives arrested Pamela Ainomugisha over theft of the funds which President Museveni had contributed to the teachers’ loan fund…Read more on page 8


Police extend teacher’s funds theft probe to dfcu Bank

As the probe into the alleged theft of sh10.8b meant for the teacher’s Savings and Credit Cooperatives Societies (SACCOS) loan fund intensifies, investigators have extended the probe to dfcu Bank through which the money was paid out…Read more on page 3

Where is Justice for Ibanda girl who was kidnapped, defiled?

As 11-year-old Justine (not real name) was preparing to go to school in Ibanda on June 22, 2019, a neighbor kidnapped her from her parents’ home and took her to work as a housemaid in Kamwenge. while there, Justine was defiled by a male visitor, who infected her with HIV. when she fell sick in July, her tormentor dumped her in Mbarara Taxi Park. The suspect was arrested, charged with a minor offense of abduction, and later released on bail, but the defiler has never been arrested…Read more on page 30-31  

Punish politicians who engage in poll malpractice 

Earlier last week, in an exclusive interview with  Chief Justice, Alfonse Owinyi-Dollo, he decried of the weak laws that have seen politicians found guilty of electoral malpractice being allowed to contest again. It was the view of the head of the Judiciary that such politicians should instead be in jail, paying for their sins not going scot-free and contesting for elections…Read more on page 6   

Probe: Kutesa UN staffer took bribes, abused office

A staffer on Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa’s team when he served as President of the 69th session of the United Nationals General Assembly engaged in wide-ranging racketeering from the diversion of funds to miss use of office assets, a UN internal investigation has revealed…Read more on page 4