Future Library Enhancement Plans

Knowledge creation and knowledge dissemination are key activities expected of any research institution. CBR library takes the centre stage providing the springboard for its mother institution to initiate and carry on research through the intricacies of the research and information cycle. However, to maintain its relevance to the generation of knowledge that feeds into further research, the library requires urgent enhancement. To this effect, a plan has been rolled out to address some of the critical library needs which include:

  1. Restocking the library with a comprehensive collection of relevant new book imprints of and journals that are appropriate to the users of our library; in various but well selected disciplines; have passed the generally known selection procedures; and are of the highest quality.
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  3. Acquiring more shelves to optimize use of the available space and provide shelving space for new acquisitions and newspapers
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  1. Enhancing CBR online presence by redesigning the CBR website into a fully interactive site that handles online publishing/dissemination of CBRís research products
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  3. Increasing staff/activity ratio for increased utilization of available library resources by hiring more skilled staff to handle the increased need due increased activity.
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  5. Increasing access to online information materials by subscribing to efficient internet connection that is accessible to users, so as to enhance access to online databases of journals, articles and books.
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  7. Acquiring new equipment like computers to replace the absolute ones in the main library
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  9. Revamping the local area network (LAN) to enhance use of ICT in accessing and availing information to users through the use of connected computers and their peripherals
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  11. Acquiring production equipment (photocopying, printing, binding, etc) to sustain in-house publication and enhance the libraryís capacity in knowledge packaging and dissemination
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  13. Establishing a listening centre to harness the existing Uganda popular music collection
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  15. Providing staff training for the librarians, documentalists and ICT personnel to keep abreast of the desired state of efficiency by regular instruction and practice to enable them provide efficient services to researchers and other clientele. The training should be designed to ensure that staff keeps abreast with changing technologies to the benefit of the library system and the users.
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  17. Acquiring an automatic power generator or inverter to counter frequent power outages and shut downs that usually results into break down of electronic machines and equipment, and disruption of work.
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  19. Expanding existing library to allow enough space to accommodate all sections of the library including a listening centre for the Popular Music Archive
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  21. Acquiring a binding line (set of binding equipment) to enhance in-house publication and easy preservation and restoration of library materials.
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We need to be organised- Women activist

1st, October 2014

Women activists have been asked to form an organized front to advocate for their causes other than having several voices speaking differently.


\r\n This was said by Jane Alisemera Babiiha (former Bundibugyo MP) during a gender and political settlement event at Center for basic research, in Kololo.

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