CBR operates a documentation service that provides a newspaper clipping and a collection of conference/seminar papers and other unpublished material that fall within the CBR research agenda.
\r\n The general newspaper clippings service currently covers 64 different thematic areas including, AIDS, land tenure issues in general, constitutionalism, democracy and governance, gender issues, armed conflict, to mention, but a few. The documentation of materials, which started in mid-April 1989, and continues to the present, includes news items, commentaries, opinion-letters culled from Ugandan English Language Newspapers. 
\r\n Below is a complete list of the topics.

\r\n\r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n
\r\n 1. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
\r\n 2. Agricultural Policy and Performance
\r\n 3. Appropriate Technology
\r\n 4. Armed Movements
\r\n 5. Children & Child Abuse
\r\n 6. Citizenship
\r\n 7. Climate Change
\r\n 8. Commonwealth Meeting in Uganda (2007)
\r\n 9. Constitutionalism
\r\n 10. Co-operatives
\r\n 11. Corporate Social Responsibility
\r\n 12. Corruption & IGG
\r\n 13. Custodian Board
\r\n 14. Decentralisation
\r\n 15. Disasters
\r\n 16. Ebyaffe
\r\n 17. Economic Crisis
\r\n 18. Education - Higher
\r\n 19. Education - Post-Primary
\r\n 20. Education - Primary
\r\n 21. Elections
\r\n 22. Environment
\r\n 23. Ethnicity and Politics
\r\n 24. Foreign Aid
\r\n 25. Forex Rates/Bureaux
\r\n 26. Health
\r\n 27. Human Rights
\r\n 28. IMF and Structural Adjustment
\r\n 29. Industrial Policy and Performance
\r\n 30. Informal Sector
\r\n 31. Tourism
\r\n 32. Tribal Minorities
\r\n 33. Uganda Burundi Relations
\r\n 34. Uganda Congo Relations
\r\n 35. Uganda Kenya Relations
\r\n 36. Uganda Rwanda Relations


 37. Information Communications Technology (ICT)
\r\n 38. Insurance
\r\n 39. Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)
\r\n 40. Judiciary
\r\n 41. Labour and Labour Movements
\r\n 42. Road Accidents / Carnage
\r\n 43. Legislature
\r\n 44. Microfinance
\r\n 45. National Language
\r\n 46. National Resistance Movement (NRM)
\r\n 47. Nationalist Movements
\r\n 48. NGOs
\r\n 49. Official Language
\r\n 50. Pastoralism
\r\n 51. People with Disabilities (PWDs)
\r\n 52. Political Parties
\r\n 53. Preferential Trade Area (PTA)/COMESA
\r\n 54. Preferential Trade Area/Comesa
\r\n 55. Presidency
\r\n 56. Press Freedom
\r\n 57. Privatization
\r\n 58. Produce Marketing Board
\r\n 59. Public Accounts Committee (PAC)
\r\n 60. Refugees
\r\n 61. Religion and Politics
\r\n 62. Resistance Councils/Local Councils
\r\n 63. Strikes and Disputes
\r\n 64. Students and Youths
\r\n 65. Terrorism
\r\n 66. Uganda Sudan Relations
\r\n 67. Uganda Tanzania Relations
\r\n 68. Uganda Popular Music
\r\n 69. Women
\r\n 70. Oil
\r\n 71. Land and Land Reforms

We need to be organised- Women activist

1st, October 2014

Women activists have been asked to form an organized front to advocate for their causes other than having several voices speaking differently.


\r\n This was said by Jane Alisemera Babiiha (former Bundibugyo MP) during a gender and political settlement event at Center for basic research, in Kololo.

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