Past Projects

The cooperative movement and the challenge of development

a search for alternative citizens' welfare, vitality and wealth creation approaches in Uganda
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Uganda at Fifty Years of Independence (Uganda@50)

Amplifying Citizens Voices \r\n

Between 2011 and 2013, Centre for Basic Research, implemented a project entitled ‘Uganda @ 50: Amplifying the Citizens Voices’.

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Decentralisation, Local Rights and the Construction of Women’s Citizenship: A Comparative Study of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania

In July 2008, Centre for Basic Research launched a project on women’s land rights in East Africa. The project entitled: ‘Decentralization, Land Administration, Local Rights and Construction of Women’s Citizenship’ was supporeted by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). The overall objective of the project was to investigate how decentralization of land administration and management systems in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania affects women's land rights.
\r\n The specific objectives of the project were:

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Citizens’ Baraza on Constitutional Change in Uganda

CBR hosted a citizens’ Baraza on ‘Constitutional Change in Uganda’. The Baraza was triggered by the proposal to remove age limits for workers in the Public Service, especially the Judiciary. The Baraza attracted a range of actors including politicians, academicians, students and the Civil Society fraternity.


Speakers at the Baraza included Honourable Eddy Kwizera, Member of Parliament Bufumbira East County; Honourable Betty Kamya Turwomwe, President of Uganda Federal Alliance Party; Prof Oloka Onyango, of Law at Makerere University and a Senior Research Fellow at CBR; and Mr. Gwada Tao Ogot, from Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CEDU) Secretariat.

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We need to be organised- Women activist

1st, October 2014

Women activists have been asked to form an organized front to advocate for their causes other than having several voices speaking differently.


\r\n This was said by Jane Alisemera Babiiha (former Bundibugyo MP) during a gender and political settlement event at Center for basic research, in Kololo.

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